A NEW YEAR! with a lot of new hopes in our hearts as we tip-toe into an increasingly unsettled world. There is so much that we do not and cannot control in the world around us (don’t like that!), but we can control what is going on in our own hearts. For the world “out there” and for the world “in me,” I consistently pray, “THY KINGDOM COME, O LORD!” No one knows when He will rip open the skies and come back down and definitively destroy and remove all that is unjust and horrifically evil and broken in this current world. It WILL happen and O, may it be soon! 

BUT, we can know, and even control, the coming of His Kingdom IN US as we daily establish Him and yield to Him as our King; as we allow His Kingdom/Reign to take over more “terrain” in our inner and outer lives.

May this be our settled commitment as we move into this most unsettled world of 2021

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