Quebec November 2018

Quebec November 2018


As part of the “Exploratory Phase” of my new ministry, I am visiting and interfacing with key ministry leaders who are involved in training both active pastors and pastors-in-training in the French-speaking world. With some of them, I already have a connection (often through past ministry or through others,) and some of them I am meeting for the first time. My purpose in connecting with them is to better understand their ministry context (Seminary-level training, mentoring of currently active young pastors, leading church-planting movements, etc.) and how I might be able to partner with them. So, here’s what I did/saw in Montreal at the end of November.

I met and attended church with Geoff & Jillian Wright, a young couple sent out and supported by my church, Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA. Their church in Montreal, a church-plant, meets in a Movie



Theater; French-speaking in one hall, English-speaking in another. Quite creative and growing. Geoff & Jillian were kind enough to put me up a couple nights in their home!

I had a chance to meet with leaders of the “Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Montréal,” and of the “Séminaire Baptiste Évangélique du Québec” (SEMBEQ.)


Both of these meetings were extremely helpful in giving me a clearer picture of the challenges that pastors and churches face in Quebec, as well as the exciting opportunities for gospel expansion there. I also had the opportunity to teach part of a Class on Pastoral Ministry. Much enjoyed!

I also met with a leader who is a point-person for a church-planting network and who is mentoring a bunch of young church-planting pastors. An enthusiastic visionary. We’re going to be chatting some more.

So, discovering this “mission-field” right next door with all sorts of ministry possibilities continues to nudge me to pursue further contacts and interactions. I’ll be doing just that. Do pray for ongoing connections that confirm and clarify the part that I can play up there. Thank you!